Relgions, Deities, and Mystery Cults

The Temple of The Elder Angels
The Temple of The Elder Angels, or the Temple for short, is one of the largest and most followed religions across the world. As such, the Temple is one of the most powerful organizations in the world, with it’s leaders secretly using their power to influence politics and people. At the core of it’s doctrine are the Holy Trinity, the three angels who created all humanoid life, and will judge all life at the end of eternity. Hyra, is the goddess of creation and the sea, Hashar is the angel of knowledge and balance, and Ithnus is the angel of judgement and fire.

Name Suggested Domains Alignment Symbol
HyraLife, TempestLGTriangle with three waves through it.
HasharKnowledge, Trickery, Arcana (found in SCAG)NGTriangle with a vertical eye in it.
IthnusWar, DeathCGTriangle with an inverted triangle in it.

The Way of The Dreamlords
The Dreamlords were gods worshiped since long before the Great Cataclysm, and long before the creation of the Temple of The Elder Angels. They were said to once be powerful mortals, who became one with the world of dream to fight an Elder Evil. There are 10 Dreamlords, each residing in individual towers scattered across the Dreamlands.

NameSuggested DomainAlignmentHoly Symbol
Jutus LG

NameSuggested DomainsAlignmentSymbol
AsamotepArcana, TrickeryLEA disfigured face, often seen as a face comprised of maggots.

The Dark One
Also known by many other names, such as The Dark Dreamer, The Nameless Dreamlord, The Great-Unnameable. Not much is known about this deity. To talk about it is taboo. It’s followers are typically rich, powerful magi, who gather in the darkness with hopes to one day travel to the land of dreams and call It back from the pit in which it was sealed. It has some connection with the Dreamlords, and is one of the reasons why the number 11 is taboo. There are ten Lords of Dream. Never was there eleven.

There are numerous other deities and vestiges worshiped by tribes both civil and savage throughout out Syrenia. Any other deities or objects of worship will be recorded here.

Relgions, Deities, and Mystery Cults

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