Gateway to The New World.

Before the Great Cataclysm, the Tashar Empire was one of the greatest and most powerful empires the world of Estrion had ever seen. Now, only 65 years after the world-shattering event, the former power seeks to regain it’s former territories as mankind once again crawls out from the darkness. Although many of their former lands are liberated or decimated, the Imperial Navy has taken a tribal city on a nameless southern continent and converted it into a colony. This colony, named New Tashara, is only one of few ‘civilized’ settlements in a sea of untamed wilds. Out there is a vast continent of foul monstrosities, bloodthirsty savages, and ancient ruins of gold and terror waiting to be explored. Someone must answer the call to adventure.

Key to the New World is a player-driven campaign based off of ‘The West Marches’ setting. In this world, you play as adventurers in New Tashara and explore the untamed wilds. This is a special ‘sandbox’ setting in which players decide where they want to go, and the DM simply facilitates the action. In this way, there is no set party, and players can join at-will. See the wiki for more details.

Winds of The New World